Meet the Team!

Kevin Guevara: Co-Founder


Kevin is certified personal trainer and a small group instructor.

Kevin has been weight lifting for the past 10+ years and has coached many clients to reaching their fitness and health goals. 

Kevin helps clients develop the right mindset that is needed to achieving the body of their dreams.

Elizabeth Ruvalcaba: Co-Founder


Elizabeth is a certified personal trainer, certified INSANITY instructor, and group class instructor.

She has been a personal trainer and group class instructor for over four years. She is also nationally qualified in NPC bikini competitions and has an extensive background in weight lifting.

Elizabeth has coached hundreds of clients to lose body fat, get stronger, and become confident in themselves. She believes in creating sustainable lifestyle changes to see life-long results.

Purva Jani-Administrator

Purva is the face of Elite Performance
who specializes in overseeing day-to-
day client activities.

Purva is the face of Elite Performance

who specializes in overseeing day-to-

day client activities. She has over seven

years of experience in office

management, human resources and

accounting. She assists in the

development and implementation of

gym policies and procedures. She also

manages and oversees the

administration of clients at the gym. She

maintains account payable, receivables,

and monthly billing.

Upon moving to California, she got

inspired towards her health and fitness

and joined Elite Performance. Since

then she is an integral part of the Elite

Family. She has witnessed her immense

transformation with the help of all her

coaches at the gym. She is the perfect

example of a successful and committed

client at Elite.

Kelly Navarro-Elite Coach


Kelly is a certified personal trainer, small group class instructor, and certified Orange Theory coach. She has been working in the fitness industry for over two years and has been specializing in coaching group classes.

Kelly enjoys CrossFit training, powerlifting, and racing Spartan Races on her free time. 

Kelly has helped clients become stronger physically and mentally. She believes in helping someone discover their “WHY.” 

Jorge Rodriguez-Elite Coach


Jorge is a USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach who specializes in improving the overall performance in and out of the gym of athletes at all levels of fitness.

His ultimate goal is to empower those around him in and out of the gym through proper Nutrition & Fitness. Growing up the only field Jorge saw himself in was either as a Professional Soccer Athlete or Coach, but after his injury that was no longer an option. His injury was what lead Jorge to getting away from the depression state he was in to bettering his health and now wants to do the same for others because he now acknowledges the value of an active lifestyle.

He just completed his first Triathlon and Terrain Race and has plans to compete in Crossfit Competitions, a Weightlifting Meet, and more Races. He aims to inspire others by overcoming his own obstacles and giving hope to those who need it the most by believing in them.

Gloria Coss-Elite Coach


Gloria is a certified personal trainer, online coach, and a Kinesiology student at CSUEB.

She has a passion for showing others the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys reading on her free time and loves relieving her stress with killer workouts at the gym.

She is all about keeping high energy throughout the day and helping people keep a positive attitude no matter what the situation is. 


Elite Performance is growing and changing lives because of this TEAM! Any questions, contact us!