Meet the Team!

Kevin Guevara: Co-Founder/Elite Coach


Kevin is certified personal trainer and a small group instructor.

Kevin has been weight lifting for the past 10+ years and has coached many clients to reaching their fitness and health goals. 

Kevin helps clients develop the right mindset that is needed to achieving the body of their dreams.

Elizabeth Ruvalcaba: Co-Founder/Elite Coach


Elizabeth is a certified personal trainer, certified INSANITY instructor, and group class instructor.

She has been a personal trainer and group class instructor for over six years. She is also nationally qualified in NPC bikini competitions and has an extensive background in weight lifting.

Elizabeth has coached hundreds of clients to lose body fat, get stronger, and become confident in themselves. She believes in creating sustainable lifestyle changes to see life-long results.

Kelly Navarro-Elite Coach


Kelly is a certified personal trainer, small group class instructor, and certified Orange Theory coach. She has been working in the fitness industry for years. She specializes in personal training and small group classes to ensure every member gets the attention and guidance they need to achieve their fitness goals. 

Kelly enjoys CrossFit training, powerlifting, and racing Spartan Races on her free time. 

Kelly has helped clients become stronger physically and mentally. She believes in helping someone discover their “WHY.” 

Chris Vasquez-Administrator


Chris is attending San Jose State University to obtain his degree in Business (Entrepreneurship). He’s taken numerous courses concentrating on Management, Marketing, Administration, Strategy, and more.

He has more than 5 years of customer service and enjoys ensuring they have the best experience as possible.

Along the way, he’s learned about nutrition and proper weight-lifting in order to reach his personal fitness goals. Chris is passionate about motivating others to reach their goals.

He enjoys playing basketball and swimming on his free time. He also learns about managing real estate and examining the stock market.

Elite Performance is growing and changing lives because of this TEAM! Any questions, contact us!