Elite Performance Services

Small Group Classes


We offer a wide range of classes six days a week (morning and evening) to best meet your fitness goals!

Our classes combine both resistance training and functional HIIT (high intensity interval training) for our members to increase their lean muscle mass and become more functional in everyday life!

Each class size is a maximum of 12-14 people, so you are getting that personable attention! We believe in small group setting and working very closely with our clients!

Check out our class schedule to view the class times and descriptions!

This service is ideal for people who have experience working out and lifting weights. The small group classes are fast-pace, designed for intermediate to advance athletes.

Semi-Private Sessions


Semi-private sessions is essentially a personal training session shared with 3-6 people.

If you are looking to take your strength and body to the next level, this is the program for you! We design a program for you to ensure are always improving in each lift. 

This session has a resistance training portion and has a conditioning portion in the end.

If you are looking for personal training and attention at an affordable price, this is for you!

This service is deal for intermediate and advance people who are looking to take their fitness to the next level.

1-1 Personal Training


1-1 personal training is a 50 min customized workout to help you achieve your fitness goals!

We work very closely with each personal training client and push them to their ELITE level. We track all your progress to ensure you are always improving each session.

This service is ideal for all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advance)! Personal training is completely customized, so we work directly with you to ensure your goals are met.