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Kevin and Liz's Story

Kevin Guevara and Elizabeth Ruvalcaba opened up the Elite Performance Gym on Feb 24th, 2018. Both of them have always had a strong passion for fitness, helping people, and are ecstatic of living their dream-open up their own gym to push people to their ELITE level.

Kevin Guevara

I am Certified Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast who specializes in both strength and conditioning. I discovered my passion and love for the “fitness lifestyle” 12 years ago and have and will FOREVER continue to help push OUR clients to their ELITE level while building a community that empowers all! I am a former Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room, former Varsity Swimming Team Captain, and Varsity Handball Captain.

My goal is help guide my client’s to not only achieve their “DREAM” body, but develop a better MINDSET about NUTRITION, HEALTH, and WELLNESS.

Elizabeth Guevara

I am a certified personal trainer, group class instructor, and my ultimate goal is to transform bodies by transforming their MIND FIRST. I have done competitive cheerleading, coached a cheerleading team in the Fremont Football League, ran track and field, and was nationally qualified in the NPC bikini bodybuilding competitions. I also worked as an engineer and supervisor in the aerospace industry for over 8 years before opening up the Elite Performance Gym. I left my career in engineering to pursue my passion-which is helping people. My purpose it to show people that anything is possible with hard work and believing in yourself.